Miniature Monday: Reform Candidate

by Nate Birkholz

Nuala the Huntress, Unit Attachment for the Tharn Bloodtrackers, is an expert in pointy objects and their application in conflict resolution. This is an admirably well-sculpted model: when she was first introduced, some people were complaining that she is almost Warcaster-detailed. Still, as a character model, I feel it is entirely appropriate. I’ve not seen another Privateer model with a sculpted pedestal built in, either. I used Miliput to match the ground from her pedestal, and added a log and extended the vines to the edge of the base.

If you can see her, you are probably already dead.

Not the kind of girl you bring home to Mother...unless Mother is a homicidal maniac.

Nuala (or Nualar, if you are from the land down under by way of the great white north) is not really an auto-include, but that’s what I appreciate about her: she brings utility to the table, but the Bloodtrackers are strong enough all by themselves that she nuances their effectiveness rather than validates their existence. Her signature ability, of course, is Reform, letting the Bloodtrackers make an extra bit of move at the end of their activations. I seem to have trouble remembering this ability at key moments, trying to get through those mid-game turns where everything is in combat and there are a lot of rules and effects to remember. Quick Work is nice enough, allowing the Bloodtrackers to make a ranged attack after killing a model with a melee attack, but I am hesitant to charge into melee with the unit since they do much better at range where their mobility and Stealth are most effective.

Quick, while she's distracted!

You won't be in her rear arc much, if you know what I mean...

I am considering painting the entire Bloodtrackers unit rather slowly. I have one extra Bloodtracker I picked up at some point, and can actually paint them one at a time since I don’t have to remove them from heavy rotation to paint them that way. That of course may lead to some variation in their appearance, but with ten models in the full unit, all with lots of little details, I am not keen on going without a cornerstone infantry unit for the month and a half it might take me to paint them all.

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