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March 28, 2011

Miniature Monday: Don’t Go Into the Woods

by Nate Birkholz

Circle Orboros represents the red in tooth, red in claw side of nature to be sure, and I am currently working on two of the more emblematic figures that embody this: Wurmwood, Tree of Fate and The Lord of the Feast. (Circle Orboros makes up for its lack of titular preposition by liberally applying them elsewhere.)

Wurmwood, Tree of RAWR!!!!!

Wurmwood is relatively straightforward to paint, though it has a lot of detail. The photo washes out the skulls around the base–the shading is much darker in person, but I will still need to deepen the shadows in the eye sockets. Painting all the ropes was getting fussy and I surrendered partway through the day. I have yet to field Cassius and Wurmwood, but am looking forward to the day I feel advanced enough to take on the challenge.

Om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom...

While Circle Orboros doesn’t have anything I’d call as much of a “crutch” or auto-include as the Choir or the Deathjack, The Lord of the Feast comes close, “bloody” close (har!).  I specifically started painting him to remove him from my battle bag and try something else with the four points. I’m still having trouble with the skin, drybrushing didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. I need to do a little more glazing and highlighting, the shading ended up too heavy-handed.

March 6, 2011

Your Ticket to the Dog Show

by Nate Birkholz

Late last year I picked up the Reeve Hunter and his three pet War Wolf missiles. Today I finally finished painting them. I take forever to paint a model these days — even more so than in the past — due to a busy career and a number of impromptu lunchtime meetings cutting into my painting time.

Let's play fetch. The hard way.

Painting the Reeve Hunter was surprisingly challenging, but also very fun. I wish I had chosen brighter green for his armor, and the sword really dulled down with the matte varnish in a way I wasn’t expecting. In general, however, I am pleased. For the War Wolf Solos, I applied  a basecoat of medium gray over black primer, drybrushed with light gray and white, then washed in sepia. I drybrushed up to white again, washed down in sepia, and finally drybrushed up one last time. I wasn’t sold on the result until I painted the armor and harnesses — the fur looks much better in contrast with the other colors.

Real wolves are not as fond of brushing as tiny metal ones.

As always, I tend not to paint the models I am playing — so the Lord of the Feast will never be painted, I guess — and I haven’t figured out the best use for this five points of roving death.

Of course I have the proper licenses. Come check their collars.

My collection of Circle Orboros is continuing to grow, unfortunately it is growing into a pile of unassembled models, much of it infantry.   I remain woefully inept at pinning and I had been avoiding the frustration to be had pinning lots of little hands to spears. I despaired of ever being able to run Morvahna or Mohsar, however, who depend on infantry spam. So I finally bit the bullet and assembled — without pinning — a full unit of Wolves of Orboros with Unit Attachment and a min unit of Reeves of Orboros. I did pin Wolf Lord Morraig with predictably inaccurate results.

I don't think the fur is faux.

Painting all these are going to be a chore, I’m going to wait and see how bad the joins are — those spears are bound to catch on everything. I am halfway inclined to just go Indonesian, next time.