Maybe He Should Get a Sandwich or Something

by Nate Birkholz

The other night the FLGS, we were discussing eHaley. I noted that every faction seems to have at least one caster that leads everyone else to call cheese, like eHaley, eSkarre, etc. I said I didn’t think Circle had one, and everyone immediately replied, “Kromac.”

Hungry Man?

When I started looking at the Circle Orboros faction, I largely ignored Kromac the Ravenous. To be honest, I was never thrilled with Circle casters in general until I understood the fluff, but ol’ Hungry really didn’t grab me much at all. Somewhat arbitrarily I decided to avoid him and focus on the other Circle casters. After enjoying my first tournament a few weeks ago, however, I realize that the ability to be competitive is valuable, even if I doubt I’ll be a top tier player.

Looking over Angry Goatface, we find that with a six-inch move, five-inch leap, and two-inch reach, he has a thirteen-inch threat range. On feat turn he can refill his fury in exchange for causing himself seven damage, which allows him to buy sixteen unboosted attacks. This obviously makes him dangerous, but a thirteen-inch threat range is also supremely avoidable. You might surprise any given opponent once with it, and after that will have to hope for inattention or hubris. Though I am sure you can also make use of it to remove a few beasts from the board or to spam Rift if you just double your FURY and don’t choose to switch to beast form; in fact, the feat makes Rift actually seem worth the cost, for once.

Because of this, the Internet advises that Kromac the Supremely Peckish is not actually an assassination caster, but rather a support caster with some denial via his Bestial spell — preventing magic and upkeep in his CTRL radius — as well as denial via the threat of assassination. This makes his Feat perhaps as valuable as a possibility as an actuality, it seems to me.

I have to say he doesn’t seem like he would really bring the same level of moldy milk as someone like eSkarre does, however: for heaven’s sake, her breasts knock targets down, now that is cheese. Kromac does indeed have a good stable of spells that support both man and beast, and also makes troops and beasts synergize well with one another via Warpath, which is a great trick in an upkeep spell. Yet while there’s no denying the…denial capabilities of Bestial, he doesn’t have that “extra” ability or spell that the broken-seeming casters have.

I note that he doesn’t eat hearts like the other male Tharn do — no wonder he is ravenous!

I will definitely be picking up the model soon; Kromac may not look as broken as some other casters to my oh-so-inexperienced eye, but I know other people hate dealing with him, and I am sure he plays very strongly on the tabletop. I am also looking forward to Cassius and the Tree of Fate — another two-model caster, which seems to be a Circle Orboros trend — even though we have absolutely zero idea what he will do. (I’d love to have the first painted Cassius on the forums, we’ll see if I can make that happen.)

I seem to be investing more in casters than may be best. Instead I should likely be taking the time to learn a couple of warlocks well, but Circle has a broad range of solid warlock choices instead of one or two dominant ones, and I like seeing how my other models change in response.

Problem Solved!

One Comment to “Maybe He Should Get a Sandwich or Something”

  1. On Cassius, based on his text on the website, and possibly some guesswork, people are saying that his feat is basically to make forest within this control radius.

    Don’t know how much of this is true, but seems possible.

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