More Hairless

by Nate Birkholz

I finished basing Baldur, then ran around everywhere in and outside the building trying to find decent lighting; the outdoor light in NorCal is really bright these days and I couldn’t find indirect light that worked. I think I need to invest in a light tent from Ebay. Next I will have to take the sealing plunge, I am considering using brush on matte varnish from Liquitex.

Under the hood? Cue ball. But don't tease, he's sensitive. And has a 5 foot stone sword.

No updates from me for a couple weeks, probably. I am getting married Saturday. Insert Sustained Attack joke here, but I’m pleased as punch.

5 Comments to “More Hairless”

  1. You are a Pro!
    Very nice work. I especially like the detail on the hands and leather.

    …and congratulations on the marriage – Live Long and Procreate!

  2. Congratulations on the marriage! Best move I ever made.

    I really dig on the Baldur as well. I wouldn’t buy a light tent though, you can make a pretty effective one really cheap (materials you likely have around the house). I posted this link on the PPress forums as well, but it has nice instructions on a quick and dirty light box:

    Easy, cheap, effective.

  3. So you’re all married and stuff now, right? More bloggery! I demandz it!

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