PAX Prime

by Nate Birkholz

I got to spend an hour walking around PAX today. I made for the Privateer booth right away, where I bought the Druid Wilder, The Stonekeeper UA, and No Quarter 32. They have the Trollbloods book on the shelf, and I was tempted, momentarily, but ended up resisting the fell call. There are also the new metal versions for sale of the 2010 Warmachine Battlebox sculpts; I was tempted by the excellent pSorcha pose, but since I don’t ever anticipate playing Sorcha, and I have too many models to paint as it is, I passed it by.  Edit: Forgot to mention that the Reeves of Orboros UA is for sale at the show as well.

Much Lead for sale (That's right, I said lead. Why, when I was younger, minis were made of lead, see...)

Lots of Monsterpocalypse demos, actually.

I got the pleasure of meeting the very personable BobaFerret of Privateer Press and Lost Hemisphere fame. I got to play a brief demo game of Hordes with the Circle and Troll battleboxes. I looked over the gallery of recent models and the studio paint jobs are simply amazing: they don’t even look like hey are painted, mostly, and the surface of the models is a smooth as…a very smooth thing. 

That is definitely going to hurt you more than it hurts me.

A leader of rocks.

I don't care what the P+S is, I'm still gonna hit you with this axe.

I hear these guys do a lot of audience participation, but they never smile...

There was someone in a great Thagrosh costume at the booth, flanked by a couple of lovely Nyss ladies. 

Epic Thagrosh indeed

Ravyn was in attendence as well, dressed as eKaya in a great costume with an appropriately-attired stuffed Laris. Aapparently she’ll be giving more details soon about the tree frogs of  death that are her shredder army. I got a few minutes too walk around the Iron Arena room before I bolted for dinner. I intend to be back tomorrow!

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