Finished the Witch

by Nate Birkholz

At long last–I started at the end of June–I have finished Zevanna Agha, The Old Witch of Khador. (I just realized I forgot to paint the scissors lurking inside her cloak that I had saved until last, but otherwise…)

I'm all out of old lady jokes.

I don’t have any idea how many hours I have into her, but I wanted to take great care with this excellent model. I explored Layer blending. I redid several parts of the model. I did my first Greenstuff sculpting ever. And I pinned her to a resin base that you can’t even see because she is so large.

Too bad I ended up choosing Circle Orboros as my first faction..

I am especially pleased with how the shoulderpads turned out, with 6 layers of washes alternating with highlights. I wish I had a proper lightbox to really get good pictures, these photos don’t do them justice. The crow, on the other hand, was less successful; he’s not bad, just not really special. Also, I saw a tutorial about adding static grass and then lightly brushing it with white to frost it, and that didn’t work at all. The fire inside the boiler scared the Kratikoff out of me because I had less than successful results with the boiler on the Gorten Grundback model that I entered in the forum painting competition, but I feel it actually turned out, so thanks for throwing yourself on the learning process grenade, Gorten!

She's not shy, she's indifferent to your very existence.

I doubt I’ll be able to take this amount of care with many models, but hopefully I will be able to improve upon the techniques I learned and get faster in the process. I hope I can use them to get good results without taking two months to complete a model (admittedly, we shipped a game in the middle of that).

I also started on Circle, doing a test model of a Shifting Stone.

It's not leaning, you are...

I kind of prefer the brownish grays of the Privateer paint scheme, I might try to emulate that with the Wolds when I paint them. I’ll finish the base next, which should be quick. I apppreciate that these are so simple to paint. They take drybrushing well, with just the right amount of surface detail to really pop.

I did a little work on Baldur Stonecleaver, too. It’s a pretty straightforward model, but I already am struggling to get the skin to look good on him. I am tired of skin being an eternal challenge: I feel like it alternates models for me–for every time it goes well, the next time it goes poorly. I need to buy some practice heads and paint them, I think. I especially need to overcome my problems with skin if I am going to paint the Tharn Bloodtrackers I bought: they show a lot of skin, after all.

2 Comments to “Finished the Witch”

  1. Very nice as always, even if you are betraying the Motherland 😛


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