WIP: Witch Watch

by Nate Birkholz

I made some more progress on Zevanna Agha over the last few days, somehow managing to squeeze in some time painting over lunch. I had tried to get the shoulder bag to look like it was tanned human skin, but it didn’t really work, so I went a different direction. I also painted the leather straps under her shoulder pads, finished the fur lining of the hood, washed the bandages on her hands more, covered the green wash on her staff, and washed the rest of the staff with Devlan Mud (I’ll add some highlights later).

Look at me when I'm talking to you!

On second thought...

I will probably be washing the tip of the staff in blue, then drybrushing white over the part that wraps around. I wish I could find more closeups of other people’s approach to the Witch (and her staff), it is really hard to find good images of her on the Internets. I will be painting the shoulder pads in a darker red than the sash, the bird in the same blue as the cloak but washed with black, and then I’ll try to get the boiler to have fire through those tiny little slots, which didn’t go well for me on my Gorten model…

Fur is Murder. So are giant rusty metal claws.

On deck for after Granny Agha: Baldur the Stonecleaver, whose face I basecoated today.

I also assembled The Lord of the Feast, who is perhaps better to be known as Lord of Annoying Little Bits of Metal to Glue Together. I tried to pin his sword but chickened out. I tried to pin his arm but got the pin going the wrong angle. The bird, skull-cap (bwahahahahahaha…haha…ha…), and antlers each required me to hold a poky little metal thing completely still against another poky little metal thing until the glue set so I can drop it in a week and do it all over again. I really hated the seam where his arm pieces joined together, so I made a greenstuff arm circlet for him. I feel like the armband came out a little big, I hope it works out once it is painted gold (or maybe it would work better if painted to look like rusty iron, since I know how to do that, now…). At least I got myself to try something different. Lord knows he’ll still eat faces on the tabletop!

Look, over there, my lunch is shooting at us.

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