WIP: Witchy Accents

by Nate Birkholz

When last I indulged in electronic narcissism related to my very meager painting skills, I had written at length about drybrushing the Old Witch’s cloak. (Wow, does that sound anti-climactic… Yet accurate.) I spent some more time with Zevanna Agha and a lot of little Italian bottles yesterday. Instead of my original plans for improving the cloak’s highlights, I mixed up some more of the white with the dark blue in it, and added in a lot of surfactant-treated water and VMC thinner to create a translucent glaze, then brushed it along all the peaks of the folds on her cloak. This was less translucent than I had hoped, and a bit brighter as well, and it ended up brighter than I expected, instead of the first of several coats to lighten the highlights as I had planned. I darkened down the mix and brushed in some more on surfaces that should catch less light, and to add secondary highlights in flatter areas. This is obviously the opposite order than it should have been, but so it goes.

This is better than before, at least.

The photos push the contrast which is a valuable method of checking my work. I take a lot of close-up photos and review them later since even with my magnifying glasses, it can be hard to see a lot of details, and adjusting the contrast on digital photos can really reveal some subtle variations.

A closer look...

The effect works acceptably well at normal viewing distance, but I’m still trying to figure out exactly what to do to really pull it together. As you can see, I also basecoated the sash and the bird skulls. I need to highlight the sash next, and then decide what I want to do with washes. I will try just washing with Citadel’s Baal Red, first, but I suspect I will end up wanting to mix some Badab Black with the Baal Red to tone down the brightness.

I also used Vallejo Verdigris on the copper pipes at the top of her boiler to give them an aged look. I’m satisfied with the results, though in my mind’s eye this was going to be the detail that really threw the model over the top (the copper doesn’t stand out well in these photos):

The Vallejo Verdigris thins out really well, better than the paint, even.

Finally, I added a few coats of red to her Scarf and basecoated her fur hood trim. The red on the scarf and sash took three coats before it was really ready, which is a common principle of working with red paint, I have noted over the years. I accidentally dabbed a little red on her face and had to touch it up, so I tried some highlights, but they were very obvious, so I washed with Citadel’s Ogryn Flesh to even it out. I feel like I should have had some more contrast to the bandage over her eye, the value is the same as her skin, which makes it get lost, but I’m not changing it now:

What's Khadoran for Babushka?

Next I will work on the sash and the babushka, then drybrush the fur trim.

2 Comments to “WIP: Witchy Accents”

  1. I love the metal work. Good work and nice blog!

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