Old Witch Progress, If You Call This Progress

by Nate Birkholz

I’ve been as busy as a colorful simile lately at work, and have had little time for blogging or painting. In the interest of correcting both oversights, tonight I made time to do another pass on The Old Witch’s cloak.

I started with another coat of dark blue, as the first coat did not result in uniform coverage. Fortunately, I had taken extra care with the initial pass around the boiler and didn’t need to coax a brush into those areas again. Next I mixed white 2:1 with the blue and drybrushed across the wrinkes of the fabric. Unfortunately, the results came out a bit…feathery, and didn’t have quite the effect I was going for.  I am sure I did at least three things wrong, but I am not entirely certain what those things are. Perhaps I should have just picked out the peaks individually with a dry-ish number zero brush instead:

I think I’m struggling with a number of factors — the amount of paint to have on the brush, the proper size of the brush for the task, and the angle of the brush. The cloak here has a lot of gentle topography in some areas, a lot of wrinkles in other areas, and both helped contribute to the troubles I had.

Onward and upwards, however.

Next I mixed Badab Black and Asurmen Blue Citadel washes about 50/50, loaded up a brush, and washed the heck out of the cloak to flatten out the highlight and deepen the shadows:

This did smooth out some of the transitions, and made the feathering less obvious. Next I will do another highlight: this time I think I’ll definitely get the brush even more dry, and I will try using a larger brush at a nearly perpendicular angle on the lower parts of the cloak to make it glide over the high points more.

I also painted the topmost exhaust pipes with a thinned copper. I will wash these with brown, then add streaks of black wash coming down from the top. I will follow these with verdigris at the base of the pipes, and finish with a black drybrushing at the tops of the exhausts.

3 Comments to “Old Witch Progress, If You Call This Progress”

  1. Impressive. Better then anything I can do 😛

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