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July 16, 2010

Cloaked in Midnight

by Nate Birkholz

I am very busy at work right now, but I added another wash and highlight on The Old Witch’s tunic and skirt, then I did the initial basecoat on her cloak. I wanted to tie her overall appearance into her “crow” theme, so I decided to paint her cloak as a midnight blue, here’s hoping it will end up achieving the desired effect.

It was remarkably arduous to get into all the little crevices and through all the detailed sections where the cloak loops around or under other elements of the model. Trying to angle the brush between her arms and deposit the paint in tiny nooks and crannies without slopping onto finished portions of my paint job was similarly difficult. I am starting to wish I had painted her before assembling her, and dealt with the hassle of assembling painted pieces instead.

I might try to highlight the tunic more.

The blue had some trouble covering the white primer uniformly, so I'll add a second coat.

The sash is going to be red, as are the shoulder pads.

I have started using these giant bottles of spice from Walmart as paint handles. I buy the bottles (for 50 cents, mind you), dump out the spices, and half fill them with gravel from the parking lot for weight. I stick the figures to the top with poster tack. This has been working very well for both priming and painting, far better than using old paint bottles as I had done before. Of course, for years I just held the base and then had to touch up the paint on the toes of their boots, but…

The size is really good for all the Warmachine base sizes.