My Own Little Corner of the Desert

by Nate Birkholz

Last week I ordered some 25mm square desert bases for my Wild West figures from Dragon Forge Design, and they arrived today. I had contacted the maker to see if he could mix and match from a couple different series, but he said he wasn’t able to do so since he makes entire sets at a time, which I had anticipated. I’ll order a different set if I ever buy more Wild West minis.

The sculpting is very detailed, and the resin and casting seem to be high quality, with no bubbles, cracks, or striations. There was some heavy flashing on a couple pieces, but it came off cleanly with an hobby knife. I didn’t really want the skull and bones on the bases, so I might grind them off with the Un-Dremel and cover the damage with gravel or grass, since it seems a little too “fantasy” for historical minis.

I drilled a hole for the figure I removed from its base, and added some Gale Force 9 sand to fill in the gaps around his foot and add some extra texture variation. I’ll prime the figure and base next weekend, though I just realized I forgot to wash the resin, sigh.

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