Granny’s Heavy Metal

by Nate Birkholz

I spent some more time with Zevanna Agha yesterday. I painted her skirt and tunic in two different shades of brown, washed the boiler with rust, washed the skirt and tunic with Devlan Mud, and drybrushed the boiler with gunmetal to pick out the edges.

I am not certain I like the metal effect on the boiler. I am considering either washing the metal bits with dullcoat or Devlan Mud, or perhaps a drybrush with the Chocolate Brown I used as the basecoat of the iron. It’s a tough call, I’m not hurrying. I also am going to paint the stacks and the pipe with copper, and some of the shielding with brass, then add touches of Verdigris and black wash at the top.

Next will be drybrushing the skirt and tunic with lighter shades and another wash. After that, I will paint the overcloak a dark blue washed with black, since I want her to look crowlike.

I really want this figure to turn out.

One Comment to “Granny’s Heavy Metal”

  1. Nice stuff – dry brushing, washing… This breings me back to when I was in Jr. High and painting my old lead figures…you know, back when Lead wasn’t supposed to kill you. :o)

    I’d send pictures if I knew what happend to my old Gnoll Warriors. For now I’ll just enjoy watching your progress.

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