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July 9, 2010

Best Tools Purchase Ever

by Nate Birkholz

I was looking for a magnifying visor at Michael’s the other day, since my visual acuity is not what it once was (and I could have used the assistance back in the day, anyhow). They didn’t have visors, but they did have $10 pairs of magnification glasses (as in spectacles), much like my grandmother used for reading. I have found them to be a tremendous help in seeing detail on the model and getting the paint in the right place.

Now you, too, can feel like an old lady

I bought the 2.5x magnification and have been very happy with the results. They go easily over my regular glasses, they are narrow so I can glance down at the palette without that view being out of focus, and the focal length is perfect for holding a miniature for painting. Best of all, I don’t look like a complete idiot while wearing them, and partial non-idiocy is my most realistic life goal.