Face Time with the Old Lady

by Nate Birkholz

I spent some time today working on the Old Witch. A few days ago I basecoated the claws with Vallejo Chocolate brown, basecoated the face with a red brown, then drybrushed her face with Brown Rose then Flat Flesh. I also painted in her eye.

Step 1

I washed the claws with a mix of orange and brown, and basecoated the cloth over her eyes with a very light sand color.

Step 2

I washed the cloth with Devlan Mud and drybrushed the claws with a brighter orange. I painted her hair medium gray and washed with Badab Black. I highlighted the cloth across her eyes with a shade of sand slightly darker than the original. Then I painted the eyepatch with dark red brown and washed with with black. I didn’t like how the eyepatch looked, so I tried highlighting it with a drybrush of light brown, which looked even worse.

Step 3 (despite the filename)

So I thinned out some copper paint and painted it onto the eyepatch, drybrushed light gray on the hair, and added one more wash of Badab Black. I also started on the feet.

Step 4

I feel like the patch turned out well in copper. I am not sure about the hair, I might want to go lighter still. I really like the face, though. Next up, I am going to paint her skirt a dark red and the doublet a dark blue.

I also am almost finished with a RPG Evil Priest/Necromancer miniature I picked up.

Believe it or not, I haver a friend who looks like this


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