The Un-Dremel

by Nate Birkholz

The other day I was considering how to rebase some of my wild west figures, since they are on old-school irregular flat lumps of metal. I figured I’d check eBay and see how overpriced used Dremels were these days, and found an auction for a cheap Dremel knockoff for $15, ending in 4 minutes, plus $8 shipping. I placed my bid and won the auction, and yesterday it arrived (great service from Greens Garage, by the way).

What I got was a nifty, slightly oversized dremel-like tool. It’s not a stylus version, and there is no flexible line attachment, but it seems well worth the money. It came with dozens of atttachments:

  • Four collets
  • Four metric drill bits
  • 20 of grit-coated grinder bits in different shapes
  • Ten grit-coated smoothing bits in different shapes
  • Six cutting wheels
  • Some brass brushes
  • Six sanding drums in two sizes
  • Four buff wheels in two sizes
  • Blahbity blah extras

I used some snips to cut the majority of a base off of one of the figures, then used one of the grinder bits and to remove the base from the bottom of the foot. It did pretty well at rounding off the edges, but I should get a mini saw blade to try the cutting, I think. I also note that there are flex-lines on eBay for a decent price…

Anyhow, I also used it to semi-gently wear away the mold lines along the figure’s greatcoat and his hat. Hopefully this thing holds up long enough to convince me I need to invest in the real deal eventually.

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