For the Motherland

by Nate Birkholz

So when I was first looking at Warmachine, I was fascinated with the  Retribution of Scyrah. While I am not an Anime fanatic, I appreciate the Anime aesthetic of the Warmachine Elves and felt it provided an interesting counterpoint to the rest of the units in Warmachine/Hordes while still fitting into the overall look of the game. A coworker also was correct in that I appreciated the fiction: as Gdaybloke of Lost Hemisphere calls them, “pointy eared xenophobic finger-pointing terrorist elves.” I liked that they were a new faction, so there wasn’t an overwhelming number of unit choices for the faction, yet the force seems to be designed well, with lots of reasons to take different units (on the whole).

But my foray into Warmachine was partly inspired by seeing the box for the Devastator model on the shelf at my local gaming store. I started to look at Khador and was slowly won over by the Russo-Nordic-Slavic identity of the faction. My heritage is, on one side of the family, Russian/Czech/Slavic, and I have always had an affinity for the culture of that part of the world, including a fascination with the darker 20th-century side of the coin. So I became more interested in Khador.

I still have a vague inkling that I might want to do a Mercenaries force, and have beeen awaiting the Forces of Warmachine: Mercenaries book due out July 7th. I own the Ahslynn D’Elyse and Gorten Grundback models–in fact I have painted Gorten for the unofficial Privateer Press forum painting competition–but I probably will stick with Khador in the end, since the fiction appeals to me more. I also really like the Skorne models but am not really sure whether anyone plays Hordes locally, I haven’t seen any Hordes armies being played, though of course Mk II of Hordes isn’t out yet.

5 Comments to “For the Motherland”

  1. I appreciate the shout-out 😉

  2. Oh, and Hordes is fully compatible with Warmachine, so don’t discard Skorne just because everyone else is Warmachine! Hordes has, i think, had a quiet run for a while as people wait for the MkII book releases. Expect a resurgence in the near future!

    • Funnily enough, I hated the look of Skorne when first I started looking into the whole Privateer thing, but they have really grown on me. I’ll probably get the book for Hordes and the Skorne FOWM, but I think by this point it will be a second faction for me. Great stompy steampowered robots are far too enticing. Thanks for the replies!

  3. I LOVE the word “funnily”. If ever a word should be both adjective and adverb, it’s “funny”. “Funnily” is just to funny-sounding.

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